买足彩app平台的 高中后过渡计划 适合17-21岁的年轻人 成长-为外面的世界做好准备.

The curriculum includes direct instruction in practical academic subjects but also provides students who have completed high school with the 社交、职业和独立生活技能 它们需要尽可能地独立运作. 另外, Riverview’s transition planning services are second to none and help students prepare for life after graduation.

结构很像大学校园, 成长学生住在宿舍里, take classes and participate in an extensive internship program. 他们学会了如何自我辩护, make mature choices and take responsibility for all aspects of their lives, 包括选择和计划自己的社交活动.

另外, students gain firsthand experience in a variety of work settings, helping them to develop good work habits and increased awareness of personal strengths and interests. There are 4 flagship programs that make Riverview’s 成长 转换程序 the gold standard in post-secondary education for students with complex special needs: 咖啡馆的河景, 二手旧货店, 项目搜索, and our ability to provide support while students take mainstream college classes at 科德角社区学院.



The 成长 curriculum includes direct instruction in academics with courses that include: Communication and Literacy, 个人财务状况, 消费者数学概念和旅行培训.

成长 students focus on topics such as effective listening and communication, 技术, 的关系, 维护自己的权利, 个人安全和自我意识. 课程包括时间、任务和金钱管理. Problem solving and budgeting exercises mirror real-world monetary challenges. Coursework is supported through the latest technologies and innovations in teaching.


Introductory level courses are an option for Riverview 成长 students who meet the College’s eligibility requirements. 学生s are required to take the Accuplacer test at the college and submit copies of recent Psychoeducational Evaluations. The documents are reviewed by the CCCC Learning Disabilities Advisor and eligibility is determined.

Mainstream courses provide an empowering experience for our students. They take great pride in being part of the mainstream college experience. 虽然每个课程的期望是不同的, all are time intensive and require considerable levels of persistence and perseverance. Riverview students are provided with extra tutorial support on campus and have a great track record of success within the program. Both students and their families report that participating in the mainstream program is a remarkable experience on many different levels.


Our 成长 学生s have an incredible opportunity to practice vocational readiness skills within various businesses across the Cape and surrounding areas. 学生s are able to gain work readiness skills and experience in fields of interest such as food service, 零售, 孩子/宠物护理, 热情好客, 健康 & 健康、医疗保健等等! 点击 在这里 查看我们的社区合作伙伴名单.



Each student is assigned an advisor who serves as a liaison between home and school and provides support with 维护自己的权利, 自我意识, 解决问题和社交技巧.

学生们了解到,虽然他们的残疾影响了他们, it does not prevent them from having a full and meaningful life.



独立生活的教学是高度个性化的. 学生学习和练习与烹饪有关的技能, 比较购物, 个人卫生, 健康, 营养与健康, 压力管理, 房屋维修, transportation and the planning of independent recreational activities. While the routines and structure ensure that these important skills are learned, students at 成长 play a very active role in designing and planning their lives. 成长 offers an inclusive environment where students utilize the community to maximize their independent living capabilities. Most graduates can expect to live in a place of their choice with friends or family, 在一个他们可以工作和社交的社区里.



买足彩app平台,我们帮助培养自我决定能力. 学生s are provided with the tools and support they need to explore interests, 建立技能, 建立更独立的个人目标.

Transition planning at Riverview is a sequential process that begins as early as middle school, and is refined by the time the student graduates from our 成长 transition program.

Riverview offers highly-individualized transition planning services to students and their families, 包括:

  • 买足彩app平台学院 & 职业中心

  • Assessment of strengths and interests; and personal portfolio development

  • 通过综合实习进行职业培训

  • 继续教育机会

  • 目标规划

  • 与成人服务协调

  • 过渡研讨会课程

  • 个人和小组会议

  • Collaboration with state, local and private agencies and programs

  • Riverview Connects an interactive online platform for students and alumni to communicate about events and opportunities, 包括与过渡相关的演讲.



This Series is the metamorphosis of our traditional Transition Weekend. 而不是塞满一天的内容, this is much more intensive programming that gives the ongoing process of transition planning more time, 注意力和个性化.

Webinars will spotlight guest speakers who will share/ their expertise in diverse and important transition topics including housing, SSI和独立生活. The Webinar Series will provide our Riverview community with rich and robust information that will cover the key aspects of transition and provide you with information and resources to get you started on “the next pathway.”

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